About Us

Peaceful Meadows Farm, a family farm established in 1996, is owned and operated by Philip and Sheila Brooks and Jeremy and Laura Brooks.  Located just 25 miles from the Charlotte city limits in eastern Union County, NC, our cattle and pork graze on gently rolling pastures and rural wooded acreage.

Our animals, grown from birth to harvest on our farm, enjoy healthy, free range pastures, which are pesticide and herbicide free.  This practice allows the animals to graze on nutrient dense grasses and legumes, resulting in a flourishing diversity of soil microbes which improves nutrient cycling and the distribution of more trace minerals through the food chain to the consumer.  Our animals are moved to clean paddocks on a daily basis.  They are never given hormones, steroids(growth enhancers), chemical wormers, or antibiotics.

The non-confinement practice on our farm allows every animal to enjoy the maximum amount of sunshine, exercise, and natural nutrition.  As a result, the meat produces superior levels of vitamins A, D, E, Beta Carotene, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids (linked to reduced heart disease), and CLA (linked to reduced cancer risk).

Contact Us

Peaceful Meadows Farm
1740 Camden Road
Marshville, N.C. 28103
(704)506-7826 Philip Brooks
(704)506-6739 Jeremy Brooks
(704)233-4242 Daytime for Philip & Jeremy